Italian landscape is one of the most sophisticated and complex artifacts of human history, created with unique technical, cultural and aesthetic quality. While architecture has often aspired to stand out the Nature context, the silent work of colonization of the territory has gradually defined the Italian landscape to create a diverse natural imagery through centuries.
The rural structures successfully integrated the two opposite, consistent with the rural model of Italian tradition. Starting from the ‘80s, the image of the winery drastically changed to answer a demanding public that travels to discover the wine production spots. The need of the factories to be instantly recognizable has pushed many wineries toward extroverted and welcoming architectures.
The book presents a selection of Italian excellences, a collection of recent projects throughout the Italian regions that mark a very encouraging sign: Italian project culture has met sensitive Clients that are aware of the vulnerability of the productive landscape. This relation has addressed an essential challenge of the upcoming centuries in search of delicacy.
The volume collects 28 projects of wineries located in the Italian territory; a set of essays on different wine zones and on wine culture in Italy, together with architectural drawings and prestigious photographs side the technical sheets on the most renowned wines and labels. The book is both an architectural book and a guide of Italian wine production and culture.