Luca Molinari Studio

With an extensive experience that spans over 30 years including university education and assignments in fields of architectural research, curatorship, publishing and consulting, Luca Molinari started his own independent firm in 2015. He is supported by a team of skilled professionals with experience in architecture, graphic and exhibit design, publishing, copyediting and project management.

Our projects include:

  • exhibitions
  • architecture competitions
  • publications
  • event management
  • media strategies
  • content development

Luca Molinari Studio’s core mission is to conceive and develop tailored-made services in order to design future scenarios,  tools and processes that can turn visions and needs into tangible projects to share knowledge and shape the spaces of diverse communities.

Our firm offers a 360° consulting service that includes creative design, careful planning and management of each project stage according to the budget and schedule.