“The New Together” is almost a conceptual provocation because there is nothing new about being together. However, only by returning clearly to one of the original features of our civilization we can build a genuinely ecological, inclusive, and supportive perspective.

When billions of people found themselves locked in their homes, alone yet connected to each other, we likely experienced one of the most extreme and visible conditions of the past two centuries. Our civilization molded us as isolated individuals and perfect consumers, progressively weakening the sense of community and free sharing that had always distinguished us.

Returning to rethink, conceptually, and in terms of design, our way of living together, at home as well as in the city, means affirming the centrality of common and shared places as the true and pulsating heart of our metropolises.

The selection of these 140 projects, organized into categories that are neither absolute nor typological and functional, demonstrates that the world of architecture is changing to face an increasingly conflictual, liquid, and unstable world. Together, they show that rethinking common spaces means building places of dialogue and sharing that are necessary to welcome those who are other from ourselves.

ph. Angelo Dadda



Simona Finessi

Luca Molinari


Art Director

Angelo Dadda


Scientific coordinator

Alessandro Virgilio Mosetti


Exhibition design project

Studio Superluna


Content coordination

Daniela Garbillo


Delegates coordination

Cristina Bigliatti


Graphic layout

Sara Brero

Paolo Veirana


Financial management

Francesca Gallo






Jacopo Ascari