Luca Molinari Studio, in collaboration with the Direction of Master of Nets Garden in Suzhou, concieved the curatorial project, that opened to the public on the 28th of October, that aims to create a place where best contemporary culture and the strongest tradition can dialogue.

An experimental way to promote the impressive historical heritage of Suzhou not only in China but also in the world creating something innovative, sensitive and respectful.

Three talented Chinese architects coming from the three best Chinese universities has been invited to open a new form of dialogue with the existing garden through small and temporary installations able to generate un-expected form of visual and aesthetic dialogue.

The works of prof. Philip F. Yuan from Tongji University on Shanghai, prof. Brian Li Zhang from Tscinghua University and prof. Zhang Tong from Southeast University also represent a new generation of Chinese architects focused on new ways of creating open and meaningful dialogues between living traditions and the need of contemporary culture putting at the centre the human figure, quality of life and environment and innovation.

“Mater of the waterless” Brian Li Zhang – TeamMinus

“The reflection stone” Philip F. Yuan – Archi-Union Architects

“Cave of cloud” ZhangTong – Zao Architects

The three projects are the result of an act of listening and sensitive interpretation of the garden, they are respectful and, in the meantime, clearly contemporary. The main goal is to surprise the visitors offering a different point of view on a space you think immutable. The three contemporary installations are like new lenses through which a visitor can look at the garden generating a different comprehension of its beautiful spaces.

Luca Molinari Studio is the first Italian firm invited to work inside this UNESCO heritage site – together with A-Plus Gallery, conceived a new format for a cultural experience for the historical garden of Suzhou.