The Egg is an immersive installation about Ludovico Einaudi creative imagery, a timeless journey through the sounds, images, fragments, notes and colors that inhabit the creative world of Einaudi. The project is made out of materials selected from Einaudi’s personal archive and it is displayed at Teatro del Verme, in Milan, on the occasion of the Ten Nights that close Einaudi 2018 world tour. Through seven embracing screens the installation allows a fresh look at the private poetic universe of the Italian composer, an insight on the atmospheres and sources of inspiration that cross the pianist vision and creativity. Visitors are free to enter and lounge inside The Egg, after or before the concert, to experience a continuous stream of images, notes and shapes that Ludovico Einaudi unveils for the first time ever to his fans.


The Egg
by Luca Molinari Studio and Fabio Bettonica
8 -18 December 2018
Teatro Dal Verme

Music sound and images by
Ludovico Einaudi

Exhibit design
Luca Molinari Studio – Anja Visini, Ilia Celiento

Fabio Bettonica

Studio Cloro – Laura Olmi

Sound design
Milo Benericetti

Executive production
Ponderosa music & art

Galli Scenografie