Three photographers– Olivo Barbieri, Francesco Jodice, Armin Linke – and three 3 architects – Cliostraat, Alessandro Scandurra and Stalker – are the protagonists of Side Effects. Visions of the contemporary city (Nomad).
“How does photography shape our imagery of the contemporary world? What does it mean to display photography in a museum? How to experience photography and the exhibit spaces?”. These are the questions that the exhibition aims to raise, far from a trite answer. Side effects expresses “the need to work once more on the disciplines and put the vision makers and the project designers in a direct contact in order to produce a shared thinking”.

Barbieri, Jodice and Linke are chosen because of their “independent, artistic and conceptual projects able to convey the idea of deep transformation undergoing in the metropolitan landscapes all over the world”. Every photographer has been invited to cooperate with the architects in order to conceive three different space and visual experiences.

For Barbieri Scandurra designs a strongly horizontal display that alternates light and darkness; for the shots by Jodice Cliostraat makes a ”vision room” to be entered and that enables the visitor to follow the three urban paths portraied by the photographer. Last but not least Stalker builds eight wheels of images by Linke to make the photographs themselves part of the visitor’s experience, play, movement and time.

Through these pairs of authors Side Effects “witnesses the chance to build spaces where experience and image allow us to think about the state of both photography and architecture and their irrevocable relationship”