LMS curated the event RUBNER NEWS HAUS – a newsstand in Milan – in collaboration with Rubner Haus group.

The curatorship provided a cultural program that anticipated the event through open dialogues between Luca Molinari and guests related to the world of architecture and milanese design culture.

The themes chosen for the development of the digital project on the IG @rubnerhaus profile are focused on the city of Milan. Check it out:

SOSTENIBILITA’ – Mario Cucinella & Matthias Schuler
SOCIALITA’ – Aldo Cibic & Benedetta Tagliabue
QUALITA’ DEL PROGETTO – Matthias Sauerbruch & Alfonso Femia

On the occasion of the opening on 1 st October, of the first sustainable newsstand in Milan, designed by ABC Architetti Barban Cappellari, Perimetro the magazine conceived a temporary photographyc installation.
Re-watch the full ultimate talks here:

MILANO DIGITAL TALK – Andreas Kipar & Ilaria Valente
MILANO DIGITAL TALK – Francesco Fresa & Sebastiano Leddi

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