The book was launched in 2011, and documents the first 15 years of the piuarch architectural firm, founded by Francesco Fresa, Germàn Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellini and Monica Tricario in 1996.

The projects featured in the book were selected and documented by Simona Galateo and Luca Molinari working with the full and active contribution of the firm, in its capacity as author-subject and not just object. It tells of the projects, obsessions and dialectics of an firm-lab in the heart of Milan that currently has more than forty staff, among architects and engineers coming from different parts of the world. The book starts with the very first project, a building for council housing constructed in Sesto San Giovanni, near Milan, and moves through the tenders and Company’s experiences abroad. The book also focuses on the search for architectural quality, with special consideration given to the use of natural materials, the attention to detail, use of natural light, the study of the relationship between architectural plans and their context, and the dialogue between art and architecture.

The signing up of Dolce&Gabbana marks the beginning of a collaboration lasting almost ten years and includes the creation of more than 40 boutiques around the world, the head offices of Dolce&Gabbana and D&G in Milan, Spazio Metropol and the Factory in Incisa, Val d’Arno.

Over the years, Piuarch has been awarded first prize in a number of competitions: Creation of new social spaces in Rione Cavalleggeri in Naples (1999), New Congress hub in Riva del Garda (2007), office building in the Porta Nuova area of Milan (2006 – under construction), Extensions to the Collegio di Milano (2007).

More recently, Piuarch has developed several projects abroad. In Russia it has managed projects in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi and Gelenjik; in China, where a residential and hotel complex is currently been developed in Hainan, and Algeri, with a series of office blocks.
In 2008 the founding associates were joined by: Cristina Castelli, Luca Lazzerotti, Andrés Mahdjoubian, Mauro Mandelli, Gianni Mollo and Miguel Pallarés.

The firm designs and builds public buildings, office blocks, residential buildings, commercial areas, boutiques and shopping centres, right through to town planning designs with the support of consultants from different disciplines (structural and plant engineers, lighting specialists, road and landscape designers).
Numerous prizes and special mentions have also come the way of the firm over the years: Bauwelt Preis (2001), Luigi Cosenza European Architecture Prize (2002), Youth Prize – Accademia Nazionale of San Luca (2003), The Prince and the Architect – Municipality of Milan (2003), The Architectural Review (2006).
In 2010, the firm was selected to participate in the Italian Pavilion of the 12th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

Luca Molinari, Simona Galateo (edited by), Piuarch. Opere e progetti, Skira, Milano, 2010 </em>

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