Anniversaries are always challenging to celebrate, especially one that’s not considered as an ordinary celebration. We believe that Pedrali’s first 60 years are above all the story of a company deeply rooted in its territory, thanks to the communities that have participated in its history, the extensive knowledge involved and the places it encompasses. Moreover, it is a testimony of an entrepreneurial ingenuity that has created a collaborative system of skilled technicians, craftsmen, designers, architects and clients with whom Pedrali has constantly innovated its processes and products.

The exhibition, hosted inside the new Pedrali Pavilion, designed for the occasion by AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi, looks towards a future that stems from a natural reinterpretation of tradition. Light and sustainable, this new architecture is created with the aim of giving it a second life after the exhibition to serve the expansion of the current production site in line with the sustainable philosophy pursued by Pedrali.

The structure of the exhibition is designed to involve both the general public and specialists in a reinterpretation of a rich and complex history, defined by the continuous pursuit of the highest aesthetic and technical quality, resulting from an experimental and collaborative work that has emerged through direct dialogue between design phase, technological innovation and production. In addition, there is a strong focus on environmental awareness regarding the role of sustainability in production and creative processes, which define the values that continue to characterise the company and its people today.

The attention dedicated to product development extends to the territory and the environment, through clear and precise actions that look to tomorrow with responsibility and a visionary approach.

Along two large tables, you will travel through 60 years of Pedrali’s story, exploring the voices of the protagonists, prototypes, work materials, graphics, catalogs and projects that have contributed to the company’s growth over time.

Descending to the ground floor, we invite you to lose yourself in a magical forest where images of those who work at Pedrali will blend with yours, forming an ever-expanding community.

This exhibition is an opportunity to rediscover and reaffirm the pillars that guide Pedrali into the future: stories, communities, the beauty of products, places and the environment, with an ever-increasing focus on the idea of well-being and quality that permeates every moment of our lives.


Progetto curatoriale / Curatorial project

Luca Molinari Studio


A cura di / curated by Luca Molinari

con / with Federica Rasenti


Assistente alla curatela / Assistant curator

Alessandro Virgilio Mosetti


Coordinamento scientifico / Scientific coordination

Luca Molinari Studio

Federica Rasenti


Promozione e organizzazione della mostra / Promoted and organized by

Pedrali SpA


Progetto architettonico e allestimento del Pedrali Pavilion / Architectural and exhibition design of the Pedrali Pavilion

AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi


Team progetto architettonico / architectural project team

Michele De Lucchi

Angelo Micheli

Alessandro Bonfiglio

Guido Tarantola


Team allestimento / exhibition design team

Michele De Lucchi

Angelo Micheli

Federica Cevasco

Guido Tarantola


Progetto grafico / Graphic design

studio FM milano


Progetto delle video-interviste a cura di Luca Molinari / Video interviews curated by Luca Molinari

Raphael Monzini


Progetto fotografico / Photographic project

DSL Studio

Delfino Sisto Legnani con Alessandro Saletta, Melania Dalle Grave e Piercarlo Quecchia