A book to celebrate and fix the first twenty years by DAP Studio first started in 1992 by Elena Sacco e Paolo Danelli. Luca Molinari and Simona Galateo weave a double story: on one side the practice of DAP is described and explained within the Italian and European background, on the other projects are told through a more informal approach, through interviews and dialogues with the protagonists which enlighten on the backstage, birth and development of the projects, on the relation with clients and with the physical and social context of the buildings.
A tailor-made story as DAP practise is, both with private and public clients. Photos and drawings make the reader progressively discover the clean, elegant and personal style of DAP architecture with frequent focus on the more private and inner world of Elena and Paolo Danelli, their approach to design, their involvement with the locations their projects are thought for.
Total Living DAP Studio is a matrioska book that gathers a raisonné selection of projects with side texts and reference images. A little book on precious paper is specifically inserted within the bigger one for the dialogues of DAP Studio with Luca Molinari and Simona Galateo. Two kinds of reading run after the other and contaminate themselves in order to tell the passion of Elena and Paolo for architecture. DAP design exceeds the limits of the discipline in the strictest sense and plunge into the context, landscape, desires and expectations of the future dweller as well as of the public and private sponsors.
The book tells about the ability of the architects to go beyond the physical and immaterial boundaries of the context to find a way – sometimes winding, sometimes easy – that allow to build a positive transformation. Total living is not only a way to conceive the architect job but a way of looking at things to shape how and where we live.

Total Living Dap Studio
edited by
Luca Molinari, Simona Galateo

Editorial project
Simona Galateo, Alessia Mendichi, viapiranesi

Texts on page 18, 34, 48, 66, 82, 96
by Alessia Mendichi / viapiranesi