“Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears”
Italo Calvino, Le città invisibili, 1972

8 square metres per second of soil are consumed every year, 20% of Italian houses are vacant, 207 town-planning abuses were carried out every day from 1948 to 2015, 300 public works are left uncompleted, three building amnesties, hydrogeological distress, compromised landscapes…journalist Beni leads us through the Italian urban speculation unveiling names, facts and incredible numbers. Thanks to her dreams and the guidance of special companions, Beni will learn how, beyond the profit logic, there are stories of resistance, courage and love for our land, virtuous examples that teach us to react and look at the future by first respecting ourselves.

TERRE PERSE (LOST LANDS. A travel though urban speculation and hope in Italy) by Raul Pantaleo, Marta Gerardi, Luca Molinari, BeccoGiallo, 2015