Since 2004 Luca Molinari is among the chairmen of Festivaletteratura events dedicated to architecture, urban and territorial transformations within the renown Literature Festival in Mantua. In the last 20 years Festivaletteratura has been organizing events to bring together readers with authors, poets, essayists, scientists, artists and Nobel prize winners. Open to non-conventional languagues and imageries Festivaletteratura is one of the most anticipated and original cultural event in Italy. Along its five-day programme every September Festivaletteratura invites lead and emerging authors to meet the challenges of an audience of all ages who listens and asks. Inspired by a British formula, the Festival was first supported by a little group of readers and publishing professionals and it is now a great heritage of the city involving local associations and volunteers coming from all over Italy. More than 160 locations – among churches, buildings, piazze and theatres have hosted Festivaletteratura events, readings, meetings, exhibitions, workshops, round tables and many more events fostering debate and a happy contamination among disciplines with the clear intention not to create collateral or enclosures for a specialized public.

Since 2010 Festivaletteratura has started its own archive to preserve and digitize and the incredible amount of materials, documents and contributions collected since its first edition in 1997.

Among the authors with Luca Molinari: Oliviero Toscani, Giancarlo De Carlo, Massimiliano Fuksas, Roberto Saviano, Winy Maas, Eyal Weizman, Giovanni Bietti, Francesco and Mimmo Jodice, Carlo Ratti, Michael Jakob, Bernardo Secchi, Matthias Sauerbruch, Louisa Hutton, Raul Pantaleo, Marta Gerardi, Andreas Kipar, Ennio Brion, Gian Antonio Stella, Sergio Rizzo, Cino Zucchi, Marco Navarra, Francesco Erbani, Stefano Boeri, Adrian Geuze, Lorenzo Romito and Aldo Bonomi.