The exhibition clearly and effectively communicates the ability that marked Milan during the entire nineteen hundreds to produce architectural and urban visions that were significant in building its future. Dreaming Milano also wants to stimulate the present and become more daring in creating an innovative metropolis that is liveable into the future.

On the threshold of a new and significant phase, Milan now faces the challenge of the 2015 Expo, as well as having to deal with the tools for urban and regional growth over the next decade, formulated by the Municipality Development Plan. It is an historic moment that requires daring, vision and innovative ideas that can build an urban identity never seen before. Despite the fact that quality and researched architecture seems to have been partially banned from Milan during the last three decades, the sick giant has slowly been recovering in recent years: large construction sites are opening and industrial areas are giving way to fragments of a possible metropolis, while Milanese society and its area are undergoing a profound metamorphosis, whose results are barely perceptible.
Dreaming Milano brings to lights some of the more significant perspectives and projects, which have provided shape and form to the contemporary metropolis in the past and the immediate present. It also brings together some of the leaders among the new generation of Italian architects, to produce thought-provoking concepts and scenarios of what Milan could be.

The exhibition is divided into three sections that ideally dialogue among themselves. Projects for the present showcases models of large-scale construction projects currently underway in Milan: from the Maciachini area to CityLife, Milanofiori and Porta Nuova. It also includes video-screenings on projects that have just been completed or that will shortly be undertaken. Among the leading names in this section: 5+1aa srl, abdarchitetti, Arata Isozaki & Associates, Archea, Asa Studio Albanese, Cino Zucchi Architetti, Dominique Perrault Architecture, Erik Van Egeraat Architects, Gambardella Architetti, Grafton Architects, Kconsult, Daniel Libeskind, MAB Marotta Basile Arquitectura, Mario Bellini Architects, Mario Cucinella Architects, Matteo Thun & Partners, Metrogramma, OBR Open Building Research, Paolo Pasquini Architetto, Park Associati, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, Pier Paolo Maggiora e Associati, Piuarch, Sauerbruch Hutton, Scandurrastudio, Studio Italo Rota & Partners and Zaha Hadid Architects.

The section Dreams of the 1900’s has put together a collection of outstanding designs and materials produced by some of the leading Italian designers, starting from the beginning of the twentieth century up to the present day. It moves from original designs by Piero Bottoni, Piero Portaluppi, Pietro Lingeri and Aldo Rossi through to showing some of the most significant projects – some were then built and some not – which have all come together to define the identity of Milan or that have marked its urban history.
The third section, Visions for the future showcases visions for the future of the city in digital format, which have been formulated by young designers: Baukuh, Michele Calzavara e Luca Poncellini, Lorenzo Capobianco, ecoLogicStudio ltd, External Reference, Lan Architecture, Francesco Librizzi con Matilde Cassani and Sara Gangemi, Ludens, Marc, Nabito Arquitectura, Salottobuono, Studio Ghigos and YellowOffice.

The final part of the exhibit provides a tangible view for the future of the city, with the vision design and some images of the new Municipality Development Plan. This material has been put together by Metrogramma, under the leadership of Andrea Boschetti and Alberto Francini, that had contributed to defining the strategic and project structure. The new Plan for the city will effectively replace the current Development Plan, and will become the new reference framework for the city once it has been shared with the city’s residents.
Dreaming Milano
Projects, dreams and visions for a changing metropolis
22-26 April 2009
Former Mazzotta Foundation, Via Foro Bonaparte 60, Milan

curated by
Luca Molinari

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Il Sole 24 ORE
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Photographic section “Raccontare Milano” by
Filippo Romano

Giorgio Barrera
Alberto Dedé
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