The exhibition weaves together the past, present, and future, reflecting the way cities embody a fusion of history, society, tradition, and innovation. Visitors are encouraged to delve into an enriching experience through three distinct sections: 1. an exploration of the architectural essence of the region, stemming from archival materials including a collection of photographs, some of which have never been unveiled before. These photographs are by Gabriele Basilico (1944-2013) and are drawn from the ANCE Bergamo archive; 2. a photographic project by Filippo Romano (1968) that intertwines portraits and places. This project narrates not only of the physical structures but also of the individuals who currently inhabit the area and those who will in the future; 3. a forward-looking contemplation of potential futures, facilitated by three video narratives by Davide Rapp (1980).


Curated by Luca Molinari Studio/Luca Molinari with Federica Rasenti Assistant curator Alessandro Virgilio Mosetti General coordination Luca Molinari Studio Federica Rasenti with Alessandro Virgilio Mosetti Promoted and organized by 2023. Bergamo Brescia. Capitale della Cultura, Comune di Bergamo, ANCE Bergamo, Plenitude Architectural and exhibition design Piovenefabi/Giovanni Piovene, Ambra Fabi with Sellua Di Ceglie Graphic design CamuffoLab/ Marco Camuffo Press adicorbetta/ruski duski Setting-up design Eurostands by Mitograff