The exhibition is a journey inside Gary Chang practice and constant research within space boundaries. With EDGE Design Institute, founded in 1994, Gary Chang has applied innovative thinking and cross-border design to different areas such as urban planning, architecture, interior design, exhibition design and product furniture.

The exhibition include most of the outstanding works in Gary’s career, such as the international award-winning “Domestic Transformer”, a 32 sqm apartment in Hong Kong able to provide 24 kinds of spaces and functions; Wanchai Hotel, a unique boutique hotel reinterpreting Chinese culture through superb craftmanship, extreme efficiency and comfort up to the scale of tableware with Alessi Kung-Fu Tea set.

Displayed materials also mirror Chang’s adventures and the man behind the projects: a gifted artist, a photographer and traveler. It is not a coincidence that next to the projects, a selection of his hand drawings and photographs of more than 1,000 hotels he has visited worldwide are showcased to tell his local/global perspective subverting the interior and architectural space.

video © A+ Space
The exhibition combines four sections to show the dimensional aesthetic relationship between Gary Chang’s design and life from a variety of angles: 100 selected design projects, 100 favorite hotels, 100 places, 100 different forms of cloud and project research models and designed products.
If the world is rapidly changing; the only constant is change. As a protean space magician Gary Change and Edge Design Institute confirm to pursue their fascination on original and creative solutions and their design approach based on the pillars of Change, Choice, Co-existence, Compact, Connectivity and Camouflage.

Protean: 25 Years of Design Dialogue with EDGE
a cura di Apple Zhou con Luca Molinari

11 November 2017 – 10 January 2018
A+Space, Suzhou Center

rotean: 25 Years of Design Dialogue with EDGE è organizzata da A+Space e Edge Design Institute Ltd