Istanbul City Museum, to be established by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will tell the fascinating history of Istanbul and its multi-faceted and delicate identity suspended between two continents East and West.
The goal is to create a centre of attraction able to welcome diverse audiences and provide an involving and interactive experience of the city through iconic materials, fresh and representative storytelling and sensorial experiences in order to disclose Istanbul main features as a living matter to be discovered or rediscovered inside/outside the Museum.

Luca Molinari Studio provides the research, curatorial project and scientific coordination of the permanent exhibition in a dialogue with Salon Architects in charge of the architectural and exhibit design project. Luca Molinari Studio will also side Istanbul Municipality to conceive the Museum coordinated image and communication tools in order to foster the future and daily life of a vibrant upcoming venue in Topkaki neighbourhood.

Symbols, geographies, illustrations, landscape views, legends, characters, photographies, videos, maquettes, interviews, sounds, interactive tables and artefacts will combine a dynamic experience and a new understanding of Istanbul past and present heritage.