In a one-month programme Festa per l’Architettura offers the chance to know and meet some of the most interesting professionals and creative experiences that have tackled the project theme and offered new visions and ideas on the world changing realities. The festival is thought to shake and break the borders of disciplinary rules and confront architecture with arts, cinema, web and sciences.

Lectures, exhibitions, debates, film screenings, guided tours and, among the many initiatives, the international Forum, Utopia e tradimento (Utopia and betrayal) curated by Luca Molinari stage the greatest urban visions and the radical little signs of change.

Among speakers from the arts, architecture and critique scene: Atelier Bow-Wow, Germano Celant, Marco de Michelis, Peripheriques, R&Sie Roche, Francesco Jodice, Lars Spuybroek/Nox, Italo Rota, Delaware, Ora Ito, eBoy, Luca Vitone, Fiona Raby & Anthony Dunne, Giuseppe O. Longo, Antonella Abruzzese/A12, Paolo Portoghesi, Massimo Cacciari, Lorenzo Romito/Stalker, Cloe Piccoli, Marco Brizzi, Vito Acconci, Andrea Branzi, Odile Decq, Armin Linke, Giuseppe Pascale, Grazia Toderi, Franco La Cecla, Wolfgang Tschapeller, Amy Franceschini/Future Farmers, Franco Careri/Stalker, Alberto Iacovoni/Ma0, Giovanni La Varra/Boeri Studio, Mirko Zardini, Paola Nicolin, Wolf Prix/Coop-Himmelblau, Peter Cook.