With particular reference to guidelines, contents and requested documentation, and, in accordance with the standards adopted by Milan 2015 World Exposition, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, Luca Molinari supports the Piano Expo Dpt to draw and develop an International Idea Competition for the visitor services and refreshment areas within EXPO site. The competition is due to the relevance of these areas that are to be distributed throughout the lot to answer the comfort of visitors. Bars, restaurants, toilets, shops, security and assistance areas are to be located at a regular distance along the Decumano and the perimeter path which borders the Canal.

The competition is published on the Official and European Gazette in December 2011 and run through an open, anonymous and single step tender whose goal is to get to a proposal for temporary and fully reusable architectures in relation to the surrounding landscape.

Milan-based studios Liverani Molteni and Onsite win the competition. Second prize goes to Jesús Orúe Vázquez, Pedro Javier Ledo Márquez, Jesùs Làzaro Izquierdo of the Andalusian firm, ole arquitectos; third award to Portoguese Ternullomelo Architects and Nuno Marcos.