The competition for the extension of Casa della Serenità has been structured since the beginning of 2019 as a real participatory workshop, a shared path between LMS, the client, the employees of Casa della Serenità, the Mayor and the parish priest aimed at drawing up a Preliminary Design Document to rethink the spaces of the elderly health facilities as new models of domestic and meeting places, able to dialogue with local communities. The Design brief incorporates the client’s requests to Renovate the two buildings of the “Ottoboni bequest” located within the RSA perimeter by inserting 36 new beds, 15 protected mini-apartments, a new building that will connect all the buildings of the RSA and an underground car park. The key themes of the project revolve around the functionality of the health services provided with an innovative revision of the RSA’s architectural model, focusing on guest comfort, economic, energy and maintenance sustainability of the building, and harmonious inclusion in the delicate landscape of the upper Sebino, overlooking Lake Iseo. The Preliminary Design Document included a second integrative document, worked together with the client during the Covid-19 emergency period, aimed at designing a flexible project capable of withstanding any emergency.

The architectural teams selected to complete this important project are act_romegialli of Morbegno, Sondrio; Aspro Studio, Vicenza; De8 Architetti , Bergamo; Laboratorio Permanente, Milan; MoDus Architects, Bressanone, Bolzano; PBEB | Paolo Belloni Architetti, Bergamo.

On 18 September 2020, the projects were presented to the Jury, composed of Gianluigi Conti (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Paolo Bolognini, Adelia Bertoli (members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation), Alex Pennacchio (Mayor of Lovere), Giovanni Guizzetti (Councillor for Public Works, Town Planning, Maintenance and Environment of Lovere), Roberto Forcella (Chairman of the Accademia Tadini), Mons. Alessandro Camadini (Parish Priest of Lovere), Orazio Carpenzano (Prof. Architectural and Urban Planning, Sapienza, Rome), Ezio Micelli (Prof. Estimo e valutazione progettuale, IUAV, Venice). On 19th September 2020 the process ends with the event “Age of the future. Designing innovative spaces for communities”, a public meeting to present project proposals to the citizens and discuss the future of RSA spaces with the protagonists of the competition.