Pinacoteca di Brera looks up at its future with a lecture series by some of the best architects and authors that have been focusing their research and practice on the museum project. The free admittance lectures give an extraordinary chance to dialogue with intellectuals, writers, artists and designers on the civil role of museums today.
Brera, città aperta! hosts pairs of designers and protagonists of the Italian culture to debate on the deep changes – symbolical and visual – affecting the collective spaces for knowledge and creativity within the contemporary city. The authors develop their contributions around themes and key words that qualify broad topics by bringing their original visions and point of view on the transformations for the safeguarding and fruition of cultural heritage.
The events will be filmed and spread to multiply the sharing of the discussion outside the museum itself. The series allows a non specialist audience to widen its critical judgement on the phenomenon which Milan, on the threshold of EXPO, is facing. The museum-space, conceived not only as a space to exhibit works of arts, but in all its features: from light design and conservative techniques up to the visit typology and study of the visitors’ flow reveal the primary role of architecture in its wider meaning. Following this approach the series starts an active co-operation with Scuola di Architettura e Società of Politecnico di Milano and with PAUI PhD School by involving its students and professors.
The series organization reflects the will by Pinacoteca di Brera to debate on the museum topic as a public service and take a step forward towards the process of transformation to the Grande Brera as one of the most significant arts exhibiting area of Italy and Europe.

20 january 2014
Vittorio Gregotti and Carlo Bertelli, Brera, in cammino verso la modernità

3 february 2014
Alessandro Mendini and Luca Doninelli, Memoria, tradizione, tradimento

20 february 2014
Stefano Boeri and Andrée Ruth Shammah, Museo, Città, Cultura

20 march 2014
Mario Bellini and Vincenzo Trione, Classico e anticlassico

2 april 2014
Cino Zucchi and Gabriella Belli, Progetto, programma, committenza

14 may 2014
Italo Rota and Marco De Michelis, Universale

18 june 2014
Kuehn Malvezzi and Francesco Jodice, Il progetto e il pubblico

17 september 2014
Guido Canali and Francesco Cataluccio, Labirinto-Guida

15 october 2014
Michele De Lucchi and Luca Molinari, Pop

Brera, città aperta! Dialogues, projects and visions of the contemporary
curated by
Sandrina Bandera and Luca Molinari

Scientific coordination
Soprintendenza per i Beni storici, artistici ed etnoantropologici di Milano
Francesca Debolini, Maria Cristina Passoni, Alessandra Quarto

Press Office
Skira – Lucia Crespi

In cooperation with
Scuola di Architettura e Società, Scuola di Dottorato PAUI, Politecnico di Milano.