The book is an unprecedented atlas of the architectural movements and trends along the 21st century until the first decade of the present century.

Besides groups and movements Luca Molinari has chosen to open up to a broader critical approach and to the latest studies by including some theme areas such as totalitarian architectures, tropical architecture, soviet architecture, blob architecture and more recently, the digital and Green architectures. The volume does not only refer to Western countries and projects but tries an international reading along the complex century of globalisation.

The book clear struture and graphics make it a flexible tool to study, for both professionals and outsiders. Every chapter is devoted to a design thought and practice and compares different critical contributions and images of the most important built projects.

Any chapter has been developed and written by trained scholars through a rigorous analytical language that enables anyone to get closer to the history of the 20th century architecture. A brief bibliography provides additional references for any chapter and allows students, architects, engineers and architecture fans to find out more about any quoted movement.