Since march 2015 I have the true honour to write for the most popular and significant architecture column in the non-specialized magazine L’Espresso, Italian weekly magazine devoted to politics, culture and economy. Started in 1954 by Bruno Zevi who wrote it until 2000, this precious insight has also been run by Massimiliano Fuksas for 15 years. The column aims to be a direct window on the complexity behind a building and on the latest architectural occurrences for a wide audience. Because the power of architecture is enormous throughout our lives. We live, inhabit and suffer it around the clock; architecture has a deep impact on our way of being in the world; it can give us hope of a better life or alienate and oppress us. For these reasons i focus on the civil and political side of architecture more than on the latest works by the so-called archistars or the newest cover trends. Moreover i’m interested in Italian architecture that must be promoted and more clearly known, as much as the many laboratories producing innovative solutions to look at all over the world. Architecture is a common good, it is about all of us, that’s why i believe in building and fostering its critical knowledge.

The world we live is radically changing producing new desires and questions that architecture and design are called to answer with generous visions and contributions.
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