On the occasion of the third edition of South Africa-Italy Summit on October 18 and 19, 2016 which has gathered 250 leaders of Italian and South African companies from 14 countries in Africa and Europe, as well as 6 African and European ministries, Luca Molinari Studios develops the little publication ABC of a Frienship. A round trip from Reggio Emilia to South Africa in cooperation with Reggio Emilia Municipality which is among the Summit participants with his institutional and industrial representatives.

The publication, conceived as an ABC of the city, its traditions, recipes, postcards and territorial assets, tells the story of the special friendship between Reggio Emilia and African States. The book hosts the words of the protagonists and the main historical facts that, since 1973, have paved the way to the strong relations among Reggio Emilia and the African States. First Italian city to acknowledge the African National Congress and the struggle against apartheid, Reggio Emilia presents itself through an informal and playful tool for all ages.

ABC is a pilot project carried on by Reggio Emilia Municipality with the city stakeholders and cultural institutions to provide a shared tool to side specific communications and involve potential readers through interactive contents.