Architecture is solid space, the positive statement born out of the city where private and public act through reason and memory. No product, monument or shelter can avoid the relationship with the city as a place of human representation.
Gae Aulenti, 1972

The renovation of the building in Via Cappuccio, in the heart of the medieval Milan, besides being the last domestic project carried out by Gae Aulenti before her death in 2012, shows some of the most distinctive features of the Italian postwar interior design and all the skills and talents of the architect from Friuli. In the common areas Aulenti focuses on a few significant elements – such as the building’s foyer, staircase and entrances – that build a paradoxical and clean narrative leading to six different apartments where every detail reveals the original dialogue between preexisting elements and contemporary living.

VIA CAPPUCCIO 8. A project by Gae Aulenti in Milan
Photos © Federico Brunetti
Texts by Luca Molinari and Anja Visini

ISBN 979-12-200-1037-5