Tre piazze per Sondrio, identità, progetto, visioni per una città che cambia (Three town squares for Sondrio, identity, design, vision for a changing city) narrates the redevelopment of three main town squares in Sondrio and other symbolic places within its area. The projects were implemented thanks to a partnership between public administration and private promoters. Despite the political changes in the town administration the projects have proved to be were forward thinking in expanding the quality of life throughout the Valtellinese province.
This book, through photographs, drawings, and the experiences and voices of the main players, tells the story of a complex process involving the whole community on different levels. Such process restored the identity value of the public space, giving it back to this very community thanks to “the discrete and non-invasive work of contemporary architecture eschewing the autobiographical to become a service to the city, to its history and to its future form”
The narrative, enriched by the round tables with the three successive Mayors, representatives of the Steline and Sondrio City Centre associations who managed the projects, as well as the cultural players of the city, brings the reader into the dynamic that from 1980 up to today culminated in the redevelopment of the Campello, Garibaldi and Cavour town squares.
Vaclav Sedy’s black and white photographs convey the writer’s view of these spaces which, today, are lived in and shared collectively, whilst the final part of the book opens a window to the land beyond the boundaries of the historical town centre, through projects that have been created, or in the process of being completed. These projects involve the area of the train station, the former Carini-Marzotto factory complex, the Adda Mallero Park and the Innovation Pole… the new challenges which will determine the future of Sondrio.

Luca Molinari and Angelica Di Virgilio (edited by), Tre piazze per Sondrio, identità, progetto, visioni per una città che cambia, (Three town squares for Sondrio identity, design, vision for a changing city), Skira Editore, Milan-Geneva, 2012

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