LMS – newsletter #3 _ 08.2020

Dear all,

Thank you for following our editorial program over the past few months. There will be a break of our weekly contents until September.

> LMS goes on holiday from the 10th to the 28th of August

We thank you with our last LMS – (in) talk TRENTA by Luca Molinari, before the summer break

> Re-watch it:  TRENTA

” We reached 30 dialogues! We started in March, four months ago and everything was different back then, we were stuck at home and there was a strange air with absolute silence outside the windows. We thought we wanted to do something. After brainstorming with LMS’s team, we decided to start a laboratory of ideas, something experimental. 

The kick off was to draw up a long list of people we wanted to talk to, to break this silence. We deeply believe in the dialogue and we all had an extraordinary need for it. So we decided to break the loneliness by thinking how to build the city in a different way. In fact the city was no longer there and the only way to build a common place was through these dialogues, with people who had something to say and to bring to collective debate. Exchange and generosity were focal themes of these dialogues. This approach starts from the belief that if we have to change something in our discipline, this change needs to confront what lies outside our world, forcing us to change our perspective. The effort has been and will be in the future to always work on knowledge and exploration.
Our dialogues are not ending here, but will resume in September. For the moment we just want to thank you and all the people who have contributed by participating and listening to this first series. “

–  LM

All of us wish you an happy and relaxing time during this summer with a special gift for you about “what we do”

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LMS – newsletter #2 _ 06.2020

Dear All,

Luca Molinari Studio is really glad to share the results of LMS – (in) talk series on our IG channel. This experiment helped us in understanding the complexity of the times that we are living. All of that was possible thanks to the community of people and friends who supported and followed us during this weeks.

20 talks
3 months
20 protagonists




– Talking about design –

We are supporting one of the most interesting Italian contemporary furniture company – Pedrali – to introduce the new collections through a series of conversations between Luca Molinari and the designers of the products they present this year.

– w/ Monica and Giuseppe Pedrali
– w/ Sebastian Herkner
– w/ Robin Rizzini
– w/ Eugeni Quitllet
– w/ Odo Fioravanti


Here you can find our second review of the main issues that we discussed.


Our office is Milan-based, so as an act of love for our city we hosted three conversations on it. Starting from different standpoints we looked at Milan in order to compose a big picture of this vital and ever changing city.

We talked to the director of il Post Luca Sofri, who choose Milan as headquarters for his newspaper. We talked about photography with Filippo Romano and then with Federica Verona we tried to analyzed the role of the outlying districts.

MILANO” w/ Luca Sofri
MILANO 2020” w/ Filippo Romano
PERIFERIE” w/ Federica Verona


We broadened our horizons with radical conversation such as Narciso with Franco Raggi, a central figure in the Italian culture, moving across design, architecture and much more. We explored the concept of flexibility in the realm of graphic design with Olimpia Zagnoli and tried to understand what does it mean for architecture to be Just out of time along with Cino Zucchi.

Design and the love for objects was the main topics with Giulio Iacchetti and after that we talked about environmental and technological transformations with Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli.

NARCISO” w/ Franco Raggi
FLESSIBILE” w/ Olimpia Zagnoli
JUST OUT OF TIME” w/ Cino Zucchi
SINTESI” w/ Giulio Iacchetti
TECHNO-POLITICS” w/ Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli


We stopped our daily program of contents during the #BlackOutTuesday, as sign of respect for the fighting that are taking place all over the world, standing alongside the #BLM movement. We also tried to listen and understand during this time talking about racial injustices and education during a conversation called “TRANSFORM” with Lesley Lokko.

“Now I think education has an opportunity to play as equal partner all that’s not just about training. It’s not just about training for the work. It’s about training for or imagining a different kind of society.” – Lesley Lokko


Thank you all for your support, LMS goes on with social program and (in) – talk series, from now on every Wednesday 7 PM live on IG @lucamolinari66 and available on IGTV @lucamolinaristudio.



LMS – newsletter #1 _ 05.2020

Dear All,

we hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and healthy.
In the last couple of months, LMS’s team efforts was devoted to better understand this difficult moment and to envision new possible ways to deal with this challenging reality.

From our side we thought that the current times required us to be more collaborative as part of a global community and even more capable of sharing knowledge and ideas, which has always been our main goal.
We decided to summarize our internal researches and hopefully to open up a wider debate on this themes.


As you may have noticed we spent a lot more time on our social media, as many of you probably did!
We found Instagram especially useful during these months, as we were able to keep in touch with our friends and tackle with them interesting and inspiring conversation, as we did with Francesco LibrizziCONTEMPORANEO, Cherubino GambardellaVEROSIMILE, and Angela RuiLIBERI TUTTI!

We especially brainstormed on three main topics dear to us :


Our Founder Luca Molinari just released a brand new chapter of his book The homes we are entitled “Le case che saremo” (nottetempo), talking about future scenario for our homes.


We also talked about home and what domestic feeling actually means with Chiara Valerio, during a conversation called “DOMESTICO”.



We also observed our changing cities, during this unpredictable time.

We talked about play and public spaces with Giancarlo MazzantiPLAY. People and their relationship with the city was the fil-rouge of the conversation with Michela MurgiaLA CITTA’ DEGLI UMANI and we also tried to understand the meaning of our fears with Marco FiloniPAURA.

We digitally traveled from PARIS with Umberto Napolitano to LONDON with Adam Nathaniel Furman, arriving as far as BEIRUT with Bernard Khoury.



The most urgent question of our times as been discussed with experts and researchers such as Emanuele CocciaMETAMORFOSI and FormaFantasmaMADRETERRA.


Every Day during these months we will share on our Instagram account @lucamolinaristudio a new book suggestion selected by us.

On top of that Every Wednesday 7 PM and Saturday 4 PM we’ll be exploring new issues through our series of LMS – (in) talk live instagram @lucamolinari66.

> Click here for previous (in) talk series.