The book explores the main subjects that the design firm of Patrizia Pozzi has been exploring 1991. The studio is involved with landscape and architectural design on an urban and regional, national and international level, with special focus on energy savings, environmental mitigation and restoration.

Practise and research have produced high quality places. They originate from an in-depth study of the natural elements in which the architecture is placed. This was the case with the project for the new port of Vlora, in Albania, that originated from a careful analysis of the details – the wind, shells and the beach – to create the specific shape of the lighthouse tower that dominates the coastline.
Similarly, the landscape project for the playground at the Ikea Store in Catania settles in gently within the Sicilian landscape, providing a reworking of the fig leaf, from the tree that grows naturally in the area.

The book presents the projects undertaken in recent years, dividing them into four main sections:
Energy Landscape regarding projects centred around eco-sustainability and bio-compatibility, which integrate new technologies with liveable quality spaces. Like the greening of the new “Vodafone Village” complex in Milan.
Living nature for all the places and temporary installations – such as the Nidi d’uomo [“Man’s nests”] – where the landscape becomes the natural source of inspiration generating architectural shapes.
New trends providing a selection of projects with different sizes. From the furniture components in the Radici [Roots] range or the furniture in artificial turf, through to the green court in the new l’Oréal Italia centre. All these projects take on the language and shapes of nature as their own to inspire new intuitive dynamics in the approach to and experience of public spaces and everyday life.
In the fourth section, Nursery, the issues of sustainability and integration between architecture and open spaces become essential, even when they are in disaccord, as happened at the New Mediaset Campus and the Ikea Store in Perugia.

Luca Molinari (edited by), Patrizia Pozzi. Contemporary Landscape. Nuovi racconti e visioni, [“New stories and visions”], Skira, Milan, 2011

Anna Albano

Paola Ranzini

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ISBN: 978-88-572-1201-2