The second edition of Pisa Architecture Biennal is dedicated to water and the relationships between this precious element and the European / Mediterranean cities. 2017 Pisa Architecture Biennal presents a survey on the new socio-economic prospects, urban landscapes and future possibilities of development related to this human-nature relationship. No location could have been more fertile for ideas and architectural proposals than the city of Pisa which faces onto the salted waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and is crossed by river Arno sinuously drawing the urban profile of the city.

The Biennial is based upon a multidimensional approach featuring exhibitions, meetings, focuses and debates involving the contribution of national and international architecture firms and the projects by the students of Pisa University.
Arch. Luca Molinari, member of the scientific committee of 2017 Biennal, is the curator of the International Pavilion, hosted at the Arsenali Repubblicani, emblem of the Marine Republic of Pisa and where the galleys were built and repaired before reaching the Mediterranean Sea’s borders.
The exhibition, coordinated by Luca Molinari Studio, displays a selection of projects from 49 architectural firms carried out in Europe and in the Mediterranean in the last ten years. The exhibition is organized into 4 sections:
– Water as Heaven on Earth’s source, a symbol of life (projects about parks and gardens)
– Architecture seen from the sea, conceived by or onto the sea. Architecture as a landmark, artificial symbol
– Water as a landscape, point of departure (paths, waterfronts and riversides)
– Water as magic, dreamy and hypnotic element
The common denominator shared by the four sections is the unique creative power of water, within architecture and contemporary arts, and its civic and collective role in our history.
The Architecture Biennal of Pisa (19 -28 November 2017) is organized by Associazione LP in cooperation with Comune di Pisa