The book is an iconographic journey inside Friem headquarters in Segrate (Milan), which were inaugurated in 2010.
The photographs by Hélène Binet and Filippo Romano tell the story of the new building that features an iconic L-shape volume in a dialogue with the surroundings through a purposeful use of light and transparencies.
The story is enhanced with several interviews that explain the origins of the project conceived by Onsitestudio to host the activities of Friem, world leader in the energy conversion for Industrial, Traction and Renewable Energies applications. Onsitestudio clarifies the “decorative issue” and the choices that have determined the current development of the building, the peculiar treatment of facades, the quality of working spaces, the site, the relationship with the context and the integrated technologies that contributed to the Cened “A” certification for energy saving.
A dialogue with Friem representatives underlines the client’s mission to achieve an environment that fully meets the daily wishes of its research and production departments.
Finally the book unveils the objectives of the company that built the outer steel skin that has become a distinctive and highly iconic feature of the building. Along with the architectural excellence of the building is the great quality of its complex physical plant, realized by adapting technological necessities to the architectural language.

Luca Molinari, Simona Galateo (edited by), Friem Headquarters. Onsitestudio, Ediciones Poligrafa, Barcellona, 2011
Publishing coordination
Simona Galateo
Jeffrey Jennings for Language Consulting Congressi, Milan
Estudi Poligrafa, Barcellona
Printing and binding
Nova Era Barcelona
978 -84- 343 -1275 -3