Since 1975 Redesco (Research-Design-Consulting) represents an Italian excellence in the realm of structural engineering. The studio has been capable of innovating, experimenting and giving shape to a number of infrustructures and complex architectures around the world. Through two specific projects –  Hadid (Generali) Tower in Milan and BNL Headquarters in Rome, the book provides Redesco original thinking on the relationship between creativity and  methodology, shedding light on the role and responsability of project makers.

The project concept and its development process, the design choices and its structural functioning, the heuristic study of phenomena that master the project and the on-site realization are the key elements that make Redesco synergetic reading of the relationship between architecture and engineering.

A clear anthology of Redesco projects with photos and drawings, along with dialogues and a selection of theoretical essays written over the last 20 years, reveal the autonomy of the disciplines and their possible fruitful cooperation based on details’ knowledge and solutions, especially through the present softwares that allow a simultaneous investigation.